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Shark Concrete Work Corp. was established in February of 2002. It is solely owned by a woman, Leslie Ronquini and is a full service concrete and masonry contractor specializing in high end decorative stamp concrete. The primary focus of our work is in swimming pools and patio areas. We also install kool deck surrounding swimming pool and patios, and have extensive experience in constructing decorative interlocking block retaining walls, as well as traditional masonry block wall and steps.

We have the capacity to estimate and design decks and walls to fit our clients’ requirements. We work with our clients in providing a seamless and efficiently produced project.

Our pictorial history of the projects demonstrate the inventive nature of Shark Concrete Work’s ability to take a client wishes for a pool or backyard concrete landscape and bring it to life.

Where We Are Today
Shark Concrete Work Corp. enjoys a reputation of being a unique concrete and masonry entity in where is virtually no project, whether large or small, cannot be brought into life form through our expertise.

We have a portfolio of our work and can provide references upon request.